Welcome to the 35th Annual Studio Sale in the Mimbres, December, 2015

Once a year, the Hot Springs community opens its doors to the public for this popular and festive event, which features a wide variety of finely crafted gifts, as well as door prizes, gourmet food and live music. The community’s hacienda and courtyard will be the center of festivities. More than 25 new and returning artists and craftspeople will present their work to holiday shoppers, many of whom are long-time Studio Sale enthusiasts. Visitors enjoy the unique opportunity of meeting both Hot Spring artists and invited area artists in person as they showcase their high quality gift items for sale including jewelry, paintings, pottery, glass, clothing and accessories.
Refreshments, door prizes (you need not be present to win), and a kid’s craft sale room are also long-standing features of this Mimbres Valley tradition. Please leave pets at home, there will be many people, many smells and lots of opportunities to get into trouble.

Music provided by:

Erika May - Solo Cello & Singing

Fortnightly Bathing and Glee

Bayou Seco - Traditional Folk Music From Many Cultures

Jesi Tallman - Keyboards

Saturday December 5 2015

10:00 am - Open

12:00 - Fortnightly Bathing and Glee

1:00-4:00 - Bayou Seco

5:00pm Close

Sunday December 6 2015

10:00 am - Open

1:00 - Jesi Tallman

2:00 - Erika May

Close 5pm

The Artists

Wayne Mosteller

Fred Pineda

Brenna Brown

Sharlene Grunerud

Dried and pressed flowers from my garden

Isaac Clodfelter of Chambe Studios

Bill Lindenau

Prairie Small

Mari Kraman

Dougan Hales

Cut Paper Art & Custom T-shirts

Blythe Whitley

Nuno felted scarves and accessories

Judy Miller

Sarah Pineda

Yo Kalisher